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The 2019 Translating Gene and Cell Therapies Drew to a Successful Close
Release time:2019-09-12


On September 6-8, 2019, the Nature conference “Translating Gene and Cell Therapies” was held at Guangdong GoTone Building in Guangzhou. The conference is co-organized by Nature Medicine, Nature and GRMH-GDL. The forum has important scientific guidance for the research direction of GRMH-GDL clinical transformation and industrial innovation. At the same time, these high-level organizers, participating institutions, academic leaders and other international leading talent have brought their latest achievements for presentation and communication, laying a good foundation for the future introduction of talent in GRMH-GDL and the cooperation between the domestic and foreign related units.




This Nature Conference brings together experts working on gene and cell therapies from multiple disciplines (including hematological, neurological, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases) and research institutions from UCLA, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Yale University Peking University, Sun Yat-sen University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc., to give speeches on the current situation and focus in gene and cell therapy, and to present and discuss recent advances and technical breakthroughs, the path for translation of preclinical results into clinical trials, and the regulatory and ethical challenges associated with the introduction of these new therapeutic modalities into clinical care. Among them, Prof. He Jianxing, Prof. Song Erwei, and Professor Xiang Peng from the Expert Committee of GRMH-GDL gave speeches on “Clinical trial design for immunotherapy”, “Signal Transducing Long Non-coding RNAs”, “The role of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells in tissue homeostasis, regeneration and repair” respectively, which triggered widely discussion by presenting experts and scholars. Lots of Representatives from academic institutions in China and abroad engaged in basic acting and clinical transformation of gene and cell therapy, and representatives from biopharmaceutical companies have attended the meeting.



The Nature conference in China has been successfully held for 5 consecutive years since 2014, and continuously expanded its social attention and influence. The conference has established an important academic exchange platform for academic and translation institutions in related fields from China and abroad, and promoted the exchange of expertise and experience in the field of cell biology and cell therapy, which played an active role in promoting international exchanges and cooperation in research and transformation of regenerative medicine and health, especially in the field of genetic and cellular therapies.




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